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Believe in Energy!

I have been studying the law of Attraction for quite sometime and yet I am always amazed when I practice it. In case you have not studied this universal law I will explain it to the best of my ability!

The Law of Attraction says whatever you think about you bring about. Or in the Bible it says ask and ye shall receive. Another is energy flows where attention goes. There are many more like for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Last but not least what goes around comes around.

I realize those last two do not appear to be a definition for this law, but think about it people who practice using the law of attraction, always say it doesn’t matter if it is a negative thought/desire or a positive thought/desire it will send either/or back to you.

For example: My thoughts and fears while writing this will come to fruition if I so choose to focus on other people’s beliefs and thoughts. If I sat here and didn’t post this because I was afraid of negative feedback from religious groups or followers, who disagree with my beliefs. However, I do not choose to utilize this law in a negative way so I believe when you read this, you will have learned something or been so excited about the information you will comment, re-post, follow my blogg or send me all the best in my new career.

Anyways, recently we have had some struggles in our family. Nothing bad, but just kind of stressful. I would say my prayers for everyone and then stay a little longer, in prayer, to help relieve the stress.

Saturday morning Nick reminded me to only focus on the positive and/or the end result. We talked a bit and a light bulb came on! YOU are RIGHT!!!!! I am stressing out because all I keep focusing on is stressing out. Sounds kind of crazy, but that is true. You know how you think about something that could be or might happen, too much and you make your self sick? Thats exactly what the law of attraction does.

So I reflected back on my studies, read a few articles and jumped back on track! Now the first day was a struggle. I began with a grateful list, everything I was grateful for. Then I would catch myself worrying or stressing and I would read it. Then I became aware! Aware of my conversations, my thoughts or reactions to events. Slowly I began to see a lighter, bubblier, happy me! One by one events did an about face. Even when Nick needed me to drive to Bedford to jump his car after leaving the lights on, I didn’t feel negative or frustrated. I just went to Bedford, enjoyed the music, hugged him and went on my way.

Normally, I would share more examples with you guys, creating a picture of exactly what happened just to prove it was real or give you a sense of AWE, but not today. I am not giving you a conclusion. YOU ARE…Your closing will only happen if you believe in ENERGY!

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Iron Man is Quickly Approaching

This is an article I wrote about an extremely special person! As the weekend quickly approaches I want to give a wide variety of people the option to follow Ms. Jan Powell.

Powell will be participating in an Iron Man competition this coming weekend and you can help her out! How? Say a sweet prayer for her safety and completion of the race. After you read this article say a second prayer for Jan Powell to be announced: You are an IRON MAN!!!! My excitement for Jan grows more and more everyday…God Bless Jan Powell we are all cheering you on!

Powell Trains for Iron Man

(Featured in the Trimble Banner)

The count-down has begun! Just a few more days and Jan Powell will be swimming, running, and bicycling her way to the finish line. On September 25, 2016, in Chattanooga Tennessee she will begin the journey of 144.6 miles triathlon, entitled the Iron Man.

            When asked what created your desire to compete in such a rigorous event Powell explained, “My sister, Jill Powell, and I were training for a sprint triathlon in 1986 but I developed pneumonia and was unable to complete the event.  In 2007 I watched the finishers in the Louisville Iron Man and decided I wanted to try again.  So I called Jill on my way home and pressured her into training with me.  In 2008 we completed our first sprint triathlon. We Swam 1/3 mile, biked 16 and ran 3.1 miles.  Our plan was to gradually increase our distance each year and complete a full Ironman in 2011, but God had a different plan.  Three days before my Olympic distance Ironman, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  We completed that triathlon but our other plans were put on hold.  I think I drove my doctors crazy.  My last question of every treatment option we discussed was, ‘How will this affect my ability to train for the Ironman and run for pleasure?’ By the grace of God, in 2011 I returned back to training and completed my first post cancer triathlon.  Since that time I have been gradually increasing my exercise while balancing life with training to reach my goal.  Jill now has a bum knee so I’m trying to live out the dream for both of us.”

Jan started training in January. She trains six days a week anywhere from ten to thirteen hours per week. Powell has already completed two half triathlons which are 70.3 miles, this year. “I try to get 3 swims, 3 bikes, and 4 runs in a week. My distance gradually began to increase about 24 weeks ago. It is a slow process for your body to build the endurance.  I generally average 10-13 hours a week, but as the race has gotten closer the hours have increased.”

As the final destination approaches rapidly she continues to prepare physically, mentally and spiritually. After nine years of developing her physical endurance in a multitude of other events it will not be long before Jan Powell can mark this off her bucket list.

After September will there be another triathlon in her future? When asked this question she replied with, “As long as my health remains good I will always compete and train on some level.  I already have two half (70.3 mile) triathlons planned for next year.  I am sure I will have the desire to compete in a full Ironman again.  I want to grow old like the iron nun and maybe Nike will put me in a commercial.”

Her goal is to cross the finish line before midnight and hear Jan Powell… You are an Iron Man! If she does not complete the race before then she would be considered a ‘did not finish’ athlete. It will take her approximately sixteen hours to complete the entire course. “I just want to be consistent and steady with my pace all day, I am a turtle!”

“Believe in yourself. Be patient with yourself. Do not give up regardless of the day in hand, tomorrow will be better! Find some friends or hire a coach to help you begin the process,” are Powell’s words to encourage other people who may want to compete in an Iron Man triathlon.

Many in the community know Jan Powell as one of the best health care specialists in the area dealing with patient’s aches and pains. Her demeanor is always positive and inspirational. This accomplishment is just one more way Jan can inspire others to be the best they can be. Although she has several inspiring quotes, especially on race day, the two she chose to share were: The body will achieve what the mind believes and Philippians 4:13 “I can do everything through him who gives me strength.”

“You have to stay positive, even on the bad days remember the ultimate goal.   You draw on your inner perseverance, courage, determination and discipline.  You are stronger than any cancer.  After surviving I saw things differently.  I was reminded life is not a dress rehearsal.   You only get this day once so make the best of it.  My fitness, loved ones and God balance me to work for the best every day,” Jan Powell’s words of wisdom!

Powell would like to thank all of her loved ones, friends, family and fellow employees who have all sacrificed and assisted her to reach this goal. “Triathlons are an individual event but training for an ironman takes a village!”


Take time on September 25, 2016 to say a small prayer for this wonderful, inspirational and all around great person, to accomplish her goal and stay safe. If you would like to follow Jan on race day go to  on the twenty fifth they will have updates and live video feed at the finish line.

You can do this Jan Powell!! You are amazing and Trimble County is cheering you on! Thank you for being a ray sunshine and making our community a brighter place. You are an inspiration to us all!

Written by: Teena Drake








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True Story! Changed My Life Forever!!! If you get bored or don’t like to read just skip down to the bold text….Changed my life FOREVER AND EVER!

Yesterday on September 7,2016 my life was forever changed! I began my day as normal… fixing Nick’s lunch, sent him on his marry way, working on the computer, marketing my book, posting and writing articles. At about noon I sat in front of my computer and began to cry! I cried and cried. I am truly unsure what I was crying about I was just being a big baby!!!!

I randomly received one of the sweetest text from my daughters new boyfriend and lifelong family friend, thanking me for being kind. I explained how appreciative I was and told him about doubting myself and thinking I made a mistake! His text in response to my blubbering and feeling sorry for myself: “Of all sad words of mouth or pen, the saddest are these: it might have been,” John Greenleaf Whittier.

You would think I would accept it and get over feeling sorry for myself!!!!! However, I cried some more, thanked him and began to pray. Continuing to fight the horrible selfish feelings of ‘poor me’ I called my mom. Oh wow, was she in for a big melt down! Of course she is always open to listen and help whenever needed, poor thing she has been putting up with me for over forty years!!

I proceeded to explain my emotional roller coaster through the outburst of tears, “Oh mommy, I have made a mistake! I miss my friends, all the kids, I can’t stand working on the computer, I can’t figure out how to create a good website, I want to make the world a brighter place, I want….IIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!! You see the trend? Yes it was all about me and I! I was not being grateful for my opportunities, husband, children, mother or anything else for that matter. I was having a selfish, horrible, insecure moment like none other!!!

What happened next changed my life FOREVER AND EVER…

I went to the grocery and was minding my own business. Everyone was so kind and helpful that I had already began to feel ashamed, for my outburst of negative energy. I saw this woman in a wheel chair, still beautiful and vibrant, but her husband was pushing her. She was probably about forty or so. I smiled at her and kept walking. (My little spirit was saying you are an awful person for feeling sorry for yourself, life could be worse!) I went to check out and they were behind me…I asked, “Would you like to go in front of me? You only have three items.”

She smiled and said, “No, I don’t get out much so waiting in line is okay.”

Really? Teena Drake, God is stomping all over you with messages. She didn’t say much else and he didn’t offer to explain. Although if you know me I want to know everyone’s story! But they did not appear to be open to discussion.

Then it happened…I turned around and they were gone! What? Where did they go? Did I offend them? I quickly scooted out to see if they were down another aisle or checkout line. Nothing. While I was trying to find this lovely couple, I passed a lady standing behind me! She was skin and bones and slumped over a bit, had a red bandanna on her head, and appeared to be alone. .

Her demeanor was frail, but sweet like a breath of fresh air. Even her aroma was exceptionally pleasing. She looked at me and said, “I know you…I watch your videos. You scared me to death on that bicycle riding down Coopers Bottom Rd.”

I have to admit I was stunned!

“Yes, I love to ride my bike and I love posting videos, but I do not do it all the time.”

“Why not? Your videos brighten my day! I laugh at you and sometimes go back to watch them! I think you should post all the time because people like me, who are sick and can’t get out a lot live vicariously through you!”

I began to give her excuses, “Sometimes my hair hasn’t been colored, I don’t have any makeup on, or I don’t think I am good enough. Have you seen how professional even the kids are on YouTube?”

I even explained to this woman how I worried about my blogging was not good enough!!!!!

(At this point someone needed to slap me, but she just grinned.)

Next she said, “Honey, life is too short. If you want to do it do it! Enjoy each moment and you have a gift. So go home write, post, blog and make videos. The world needs someone like you and you already make the world a brighter place just keep doing it!”

I teared up and checked out. The young man helping bag my groceries was asking me a question… I turned around to thank her and ask her name…She was GONE! I looked at the cashier and said, “Where did that lady go? You know the one I was talking to about my videos? The lady with the bandanna? Hello????? Where did she go I didn’t get her name so I can’t look her up!”

The cashier looked at me puzzled and said, “What lady? I am sorry are you okay? You look pale and are you crying? Did I say something wrong?”

That poor cashier was worried sick. I stood there and just cried. Looked around like I was lost! I felt like a dementia patient for a moment. Everyone was starring at me as I continually searched for this precious nameless woman who had changed my life forever. I calmly pushed my cart to the truck, unloaded and sat there with one last cry. However, this cry was a grateful one. I thanked God for his gift of love and made a grateful list immediately.

Now on September 8th, 2016 I want each of you reading this to know! You don’t have to be perfect. I may post videos of me walking the dogs or riding my bike or just something funny I thought of, but it doesn’t matter because I know I am helping someone else smile and laugh. Take time to laugh it is the most healing emotion you can have.

I love you all and God Bless!!!!

Written by: Teena Drake: the crazy lady who calls herself a pinkologist to make you laugh!







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An Article I wrote about my MOM

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Taking Care of Business Charlene Kelley

          The owner/operator of (Mo) Money is not a stranger to hard work, helping others and working on an extremely tight budget. However, this lady is on a mission and has found that although working for yourself, may take more hours per week, the payoff is well worth your effort. Charlene Kelley has finally become free of the everyday, punch a clock, hum drum of an hourly J.O.B. Instead, she works from her beautiful river home, working with other affiliates in a relaxing atmosphere.

Charlene had a wonderful career for thirty nine years as a Registered Nurse. Her titles have ranged from director of nursing at a multitude of facilities to leader of tuberculosis control, throughout the state of Kentucky. She has assisted in writing Bills in state government and reorganizing companies to bring them up to JACO standards. She was commissioned a Kentucky Colonel by Governor Martha Layne Collins September 1986. Every employee has been sad when she moved on to the next level of her career. She has also been a gigantic help to her family. She has cared for her father, mother, brother, sister, daughter, grandchildren and countless others throughout the years. “I have taken care of people all over the state of Kentucky,” Charlene explained.

“I want to help people have the tools to enhance their lives, achieve their dreams and encourage them to never give up!”

After working for so many years Kelley decided it was time for a change. She was unsure what it was going to be, but in 2011 her mother fell ill and the everyday demands of nursing was not conducive for her, any longer. She knew one thing for sure, her mother was now taking precedent over hourly wages. Plus the scheduling for twenty four hour care kept her extremely busy and there were not enough hours in the day. Next her aunt’s health was failing and she was losing the majority of her hard earned money, through an investment company. Although it wasn’t much, it was enough to pay for her care. “I began to research ways to secure her finances, in hopes I could provide the best care possible when needed. I studied investors which included Warren Buffett, Michael Masterson and Bill Gates, to name a few. All I came up with was forest land and GOLD!”

The search was on! Finally, her prayers were answered. Dr. Dennis Steigerwald introduced her to Karatbars International, a worldwide movement into the new economy with Gold as the international money. Steigerwald was a former world renowned Chiropractor and became disabled due to a horrible automobile accident. He was financially destroyed. Now he is purchasing a home on Shelter Island in New York. Once he discovered the financial possibilities he contacted Charlene and explained, “I have an opportunity for you to own your own business and work from home.”

Shortly after, Charlene became an affiliate and opened (Mo) Money, which is an e-commerce company. She earns money and acquires gold. Her new business allows time for travel, spending time with family, and when needed caregiving for her loved ones. Kelley no longer looks at the hours as a pay check. “My new international business allows me to earn money, plan for the future, meet people from all over the world, and enjoy the one thing we cannot purchase, which is time.”

“While others are retiring at my age I have started a new and exciting career. It is like having a new lease on life. I want to live well, laugh often and love much until I die.”

Throughout this thrilling ride of life Charlene has continually studied dementia and the complication that accompany the aging process. One fact that she has discovered, to help people with this process, is to stay engaged. Whether it be join a group, open your own business or take classes. Kelley says, “I believe that everyone needs something to keep them engaged and continue self-developing. If you are green you are growing, if you are ripe you’re rotten.”

“I can earn as much money as I desire now. Instead of adding up the hours and calculating my pay check, I now decide how much effort I want to put in, to determine how much I want to earn. My new business allows me to continue to help others dream their dreams,” Kelley stated.

Charlene Kelley is one of the kindest, most caring, understanding and knowledgable people I know. She cares about the well-being of her family and friends. Although she has changed careers from health care to entrepreneur/business owner, her motives are still to help others live a life filled with love and wealth. Each decision she makes is based on how this can help someone else. Thank you Ms. Kelley for making the world a brighter place and bringing sunshine with you wherever you go!

For more information contact Charlene: (502) 268-3997

Or Follow her:        Facebook @Charlene Kelley

Twitter @Charlene_Kelley

Written by: Teena Drake