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Iron Man is Quickly Approaching

This is an article I wrote about an extremely special person! As the weekend quickly approaches I want to give a wide variety of people the option to follow Ms. Jan Powell.

Powell will be participating in an Iron Man competition this coming weekend and you can help her out! How? Say a sweet prayer for her safety and completion of the race. After you read this article say a second prayer for Jan Powell to be announced: You are an IRON MAN!!!! My excitement for Jan grows more and more everyday…God Bless Jan Powell we are all cheering you on!

Powell Trains for Iron Man

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The count-down has begun! Just a few more days and Jan Powell will be swimming, running, and bicycling her way to the finish line. On September 25, 2016, in Chattanooga Tennessee she will begin the journey of 144.6 miles triathlon, entitled the Iron Man.

            When asked what created your desire to compete in such a rigorous event Powell explained, “My sister, Jill Powell, and I were training for a sprint triathlon in 1986 but I developed pneumonia and was unable to complete the event.  In 2007 I watched the finishers in the Louisville Iron Man and decided I wanted to try again.  So I called Jill on my way home and pressured her into training with me.  In 2008 we completed our first sprint triathlon. We Swam 1/3 mile, biked 16 and ran 3.1 miles.  Our plan was to gradually increase our distance each year and complete a full Ironman in 2011, but God had a different plan.  Three days before my Olympic distance Ironman, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  We completed that triathlon but our other plans were put on hold.  I think I drove my doctors crazy.  My last question of every treatment option we discussed was, ‘How will this affect my ability to train for the Ironman and run for pleasure?’ By the grace of God, in 2011 I returned back to training and completed my first post cancer triathlon.  Since that time I have been gradually increasing my exercise while balancing life with training to reach my goal.  Jill now has a bum knee so I’m trying to live out the dream for both of us.”

Jan started training in January. She trains six days a week anywhere from ten to thirteen hours per week. Powell has already completed two half triathlons which are 70.3 miles, this year. “I try to get 3 swims, 3 bikes, and 4 runs in a week. My distance gradually began to increase about 24 weeks ago. It is a slow process for your body to build the endurance.  I generally average 10-13 hours a week, but as the race has gotten closer the hours have increased.”

As the final destination approaches rapidly she continues to prepare physically, mentally and spiritually. After nine years of developing her physical endurance in a multitude of other events it will not be long before Jan Powell can mark this off her bucket list.

After September will there be another triathlon in her future? When asked this question she replied with, “As long as my health remains good I will always compete and train on some level.  I already have two half (70.3 mile) triathlons planned for next year.  I am sure I will have the desire to compete in a full Ironman again.  I want to grow old like the iron nun and maybe Nike will put me in a commercial.”

Her goal is to cross the finish line before midnight and hear Jan Powell… You are an Iron Man! If she does not complete the race before then she would be considered a ‘did not finish’ athlete. It will take her approximately sixteen hours to complete the entire course. “I just want to be consistent and steady with my pace all day, I am a turtle!”

“Believe in yourself. Be patient with yourself. Do not give up regardless of the day in hand, tomorrow will be better! Find some friends or hire a coach to help you begin the process,” are Powell’s words to encourage other people who may want to compete in an Iron Man triathlon.

Many in the community know Jan Powell as one of the best health care specialists in the area dealing with patient’s aches and pains. Her demeanor is always positive and inspirational. This accomplishment is just one more way Jan can inspire others to be the best they can be. Although she has several inspiring quotes, especially on race day, the two she chose to share were: The body will achieve what the mind believes and Philippians 4:13 “I can do everything through him who gives me strength.”

“You have to stay positive, even on the bad days remember the ultimate goal.   You draw on your inner perseverance, courage, determination and discipline.  You are stronger than any cancer.  After surviving I saw things differently.  I was reminded life is not a dress rehearsal.   You only get this day once so make the best of it.  My fitness, loved ones and God balance me to work for the best every day,” Jan Powell’s words of wisdom!

Powell would like to thank all of her loved ones, friends, family and fellow employees who have all sacrificed and assisted her to reach this goal. “Triathlons are an individual event but training for an ironman takes a village!”


Take time on September 25, 2016 to say a small prayer for this wonderful, inspirational and all around great person, to accomplish her goal and stay safe. If you would like to follow Jan on race day go to  on the twenty fifth they will have updates and live video feed at the finish line.

You can do this Jan Powell!! You are amazing and Trimble County is cheering you on! Thank you for being a ray sunshine and making our community a brighter place. You are an inspiration to us all!

Written by: Teena Drake








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  1. Jan Powell is amazing pillar of our community!!! You did a wonderful article!!! Thank you Teena for using your talent to honor others!!!

    1. Thank you for re-posting this! I love you and appreciate you!

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