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Why Did You Nickname My Daughter Bulldozer?

Update to where we left off: If you read my last post please include Papaw Kelley, Granny, Aunt Emily and Uncle Evan (I was cheating and letting Facebook remind me and they aren’t on there) I know they were there for a performance and I thought I had included them,  so now I have! Actually I bet that list could have been 100 people or more, but who is counting.

 Anyways!! I am about to give birth to my second girl. Opening up an entirely new meaning to hubby being out numbered! At first it was Mamaw, Granny, Meemaw, Bethany, Nancy, Darion and myself that Eric had to deal with and now we are adding yet another female, to his world and this one would be the female of all females!!!

Chapter Two: Ashby is born! Or Ash Bae Bae, Ash, Mae, Mini Virgie, or Bulldozer pick one they have all been one of her nicknames at one point or another. I always said, “I don’t want my kids to have nicknames I want people to call them by their name.”

That did me a great deal of good, NOT! All of my kids have had nicknames, but Ashby for some reason, she had more than most. I bet her friends could read this and add to the list, go ahead if you want, add them to the comments becasue I would love to hear them. Unless they are malicious and if you know anything about me you would know, I still have the word (perfect) in parentheses behind all of my kids first name and before their middle. Therefore, you would be wasting your time!!!

Back to Ashby. Her pregnancy was extremely rocky, due to un-diagnosed diabetes and an inaccurate test that stated, “Your baby is extremely mentally retarded or physically challenged due to a blood test we took. If you are considering termination of the pregnancy please contact our office for further testing to ensure this test is accurate.”

Wow! They sure know how to make a pregnancy be wonderful.Her pregnancy was traumatic, birth took two days, hometown pizza, a bag of starburst, medicine, friends, family and patient nurses.Her scream was in announcement style as to say (loudly), “I am here world! I know you have been waiting for me and you shall wait no longer…I am here!”

LOL! It really did always sound like that. After seventeen months of carrying this beautiful chunk of baby on my hip I was beginning to worry because she wouldn’t walk. The questions and concerns would race through my head, “Were they correct. Is she delayed physically?”

Not that it mattered I was happy no matter what, but the fear was real. FEAR–False Evidence Appearing Real is what I learned from Jack Cannefield. At this point in my life, I wish I would have known that statement it would have saved myself a great deal of grief. Because it wasn’t long before she stood up and walked, just like she had always been walking. We didn’t get to have the one step, two-step instead, she would stand, wobble, squat and fall, that was too unstable for her. Remember, after everything I had been through with her, I was neurotic so I called the pediatrician almost every week asking if this or that was okay about Ashby’s progress. So when I told them about her delayed walking they looked at her weight and said, “No, she is not delayed due to a problem she is too big.”

Oops! I think I just figured out why all of her grandparents gave her the nick name Bulldozer. So follow me on this one!!! Ashby is full of energy like a really bright star that is ecstatic to everyone she meets. Meemaw, Jon, Daddy, Mamaw, Papaw, Granny, Papaw Kelley and whoever else  entered the side door that she was excited to see, she had eagle ears- they would perk up (just like her Siberian Husky does when he is visiting), she would place both little, dimpled, chubby hands on the ground. Only to quickly push her bottom in the air and both feet hit the floor at the same time. Hahahahhahah…it makes me laugh out loud to recall their faces when she started running!!! Because everyone, that Ashby loved, and entered our home, knew they were going to be greeted by a Bulldozer! Not a bad one, but a Bulldozer of hugs, kisses, and more love than you can imagine. However, due to her sill learning how to judge speed, when walking/to her it was always running, she would knock you down if you weren’t careful.

You know some days all of this feels like twenty-four hours ago and yet other times a lifetime. However, it was a hilarious memory. If you are down and feel lost…STOP, SITDOWN, INHALE, EXHALE, CLOSE YOUR EYES AND REFLECT!

Search for a memory that brings you joy. Just like the Senior Year survey, I just completed. Before my accident, I would have not taken the time to fill that out. Afterwards, I could have literally written an entire blog or several, on funny memories. All of your memories help form who you are. Let’s begin with only happy, joyful, funfilled, exciting and loving memories because if you are human bad memories or mistakes are continually brought to your attention. Stop them from ruling your life, put them where they belong, an abyss of the past! I realize you learn from the past, but sometimes I think some people become stuck there, trying to fix it. Just walk away from it and reflect on something that makes you laugh. Like the nicknames given to your children and why. I am convinced, funny memories are healing!

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The Show of a Lifetime!!!!

Sometimes the bad brings out the good! Great Memories are Priceless. 

Those three goof balls in this picture are my pride and joy!!! (I have one beautiful girl missing because she moved and wasn’t here yet. Therefore, I can only tell you her name is Nancy and if she were in this picture she would be a goofball as well!!!!! LOL). Anyways…I am sad to say that I don’t remember when this picture was taken because, well honestly, I don’t remember the month of December 2016. However, it doesn’t matter! What? Teena you aren’t upset you missed Christmas or all the family time? Nope I am not because although the month was a catastrophe (for me) I was happy!!!! My house wasn’t as clean and tidy, we didn’t have a big dinner planned, I have no idea what I gave anyone, but this picture shows me it doesn’t matter! My family picked up, pulled together created memories and we laughed so hard we almost peed our pants. How do I know? Okay this is just one picture on my phone out of two thousand or more. Look at it! What are they doing? Oh just entertaining Meemaw and I. Just like they have all been doing for twenty five years.

I can remember when I was pregnant with Ashby, Nancy and Darion decided to be show girls and put on a dance for me. It was amazing! Oh did I write dance as in singular, so sorry you misunderstood I didn’t mean to mislead you!! They were hard working women at the ages of four & five they performed four times a week for twenty eight weeks. I believe that is 112 shows and each one was better than the one before! After rehearsal for at least two weeks the girls decided to start inviting people to their show.(I tried to discourage this, but I never was a very good disciplinary so they always won! Therefore, you know I had to clean every time someone said, “Well of course I will come to your show.”

Okay let’s recap…I am really sick, pregnant, huge due to diabetes, worked full-time and these two have decided to put on a glamour girl show for anyone who would want to watch them. I truly didn’t recognize that this gave them a reason to be together more; you know for rehearsals and shows LOL! I think back and I realize how annoying it was to Bethany and Doug when Darion called every night only to say, “I need my sissy to come over because we have to practice!”

But they didn’t complain and always would let her come.

They did it! I am not sure I remember how many shows they put on for an actual audience so if I leave anyone out please forgive me! I am going to list a few so you will get the idea and remember most of these were individual showings, because of conflicting schedules or whatever! I think the most in any audience at one time was six which almost always included meemaw and I so actually four! We began with Bethany (Nancy’s mommy), Daddy, Daddy Doug, Papaw Barclay, Mamaw, Papaw Drake, Doris, Aunt T, Uncle Bob, Amy, Aaron, Aunt Debbie, Uncle Rod, the neighbors, Baw Baw, Aunt Teresa, Uncle Timmy. I am not sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Jim Mitchell, James Kelley, Matt (which was Batt to my babies) and several more could be included. However, you get the idea!

Guess what? I wouldn’t change it for the world!!!! I have times that become blurry to me due to illness, catastrophe or just life, but these times could never fade! The feathers, scarves, sparkly dresses, crowns, high heels, makeup so thick you couldn’t wash it all of for days. Loud music, laughter, singing, dancing and acting. Our famous introduction taught by none other than meemaw, standing on the couch and as loud as you can (the girls always had to take turns doing the introduction because it was just so darn fun), “LADIES AND GENTLEMEN…”

You see I didn’t earn any money creating this memory, I was barely making it through the day physically, but that memory is worth all the pain and suffering. That memory takes away any illness or complications I had during my second pregnancy. So when someone asks if you could go back and change anything bad or good, be careful what you say or wish for… it might altar one of the best things in your life. What would that be? A Lifetime of memories of giggling, laughter, singing, dancing, acting, playing, imagining and those simple times of when those small hands wrap around your neck and say, “Thank you and I love you!”

Next Chapter Ashby is Born!!! October 17, 1996.