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Do what you love, love what you do!

As time marches on I find myself struggling with the dreaded procrastination. Why is it that I can work all day and continue to feel guilty, if I sit down to rest? Do most people feel this way? I realize I need to be productive, but who is measuring my productivity? 

I know one thing, I have learned a great deal over the past few months. For example: I now treasure time, love being still, listening to the breeze swoop up a leaf and provide it the opportunity to dance, swirl and loopty loop before tumbling to the ground. I have learned to make a plan and take steps to bring it into fruition, but if the plan goes awre I have learned to reevaluate my desired outcome or take another path.

In the past I was always ready to move to the next phase of life. I would think, oh what a day that will be. However, I am now taking time to do what I love in all aspects of my life and love what I do. 

What does that mean? It means to slow down, observe your visions, take time to breathe and enjoy all facits of your life. Is life perfect? No!  But it can be joyful and fun. If you are not having fun at least 75 percent of the time then it is time for you to reevaluate! Does this mean you should juump up and quit your job and starve? Nooo it means if you get up everyday depressed. Then it is time to live love and love life. 

Let’s begin! Put your name in the middle of a sheet of paper, draw a circle or something around it, idc it can be a heart! Now start writing everything down you love to do! When you have filled the page draw lines from what you have written to your name. Now create a plan to incorporate the ‘fun’ you into your daily life. You may begin small…if you wrote I love to paint find 1 friend and schedule a paint night at one of the new sip & paint businesses. Or if you love to ride horses don’t go buy one just find a trail ride to begin. Then, before long, you will have your vision board filled with adventures to enrich your life!! 

Life is short no matter how long you live. Find your joy and inner peace. Take time to slow down and breathe. Begin now there is no time to waste…do the activity then let me know some things you learned about yourself and what you have planned to incorporate. Live, love _________! (Pink) Fill in your own blank! God Bless! 

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