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God Loves Everyone! 

     Only read this if you believe that statement!!! Just skip over it, read something that makes you happy!! 

    If it is so controversial why would you write it? Because some where someone is hurting because of harsh judgement. Here it goes…

  God says, “I Love Everyone! Why wouldn’t I? I created you I made you in the image of me! Do not listen to the media, other people, religious bi-laws (which are man made), do not listen to the politician or boss whom you feel has power over you! That is simply not true. First they don’t have power over you that is why I gave you the freedom of choice. Nooo they are not correct when you hear ‘Exactly, God gave you the freedom to choose so you should choose our belief filled with judgement, lies, fear and guilt!’ 

     “That’s just not true! I still love you even when you stand alone. I love you even when you have given me a different name based on your choice of religion. Yes, I love all!! Idc if you are homosexual, heterosexual, transsexual, corrupt politician, mean, spiteful, financially wealthy or poverty stricken, Muslim, Christian or even atheist and you choose not to lean on me or believe in my existence. I Love You Unconditionally!”


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I Did It!! Success Never Felt So Good! 

I did it! It seemed so small until I was standing face to face with Ms. Pinky. Although the dust had settled on her rims and her front tire was a little low she stood proud, waiting to be rode. 

I waddled out slowly feeling every step fearful of the next terrain, I may face in the backyard. Taking several extra steps to avoid any ‘Princeton’ holes he has created lately. I unlock the garage door and there she stood. As I approached Ms. Pinky she almost seemed to stretch up a little taller as to say, “Shew, I am glad to see you! I thought you had forgotten me. I was pretty sure I was correct, when March came and went and you didn’t even swipe your fingers across my back, in mourning that we weren’t riding.”

I assured her we were safe as I wobbled, while pushing her out the door. Finally! We are in the sunshine! 

Then I began to swing my right leg over and pedal like never before. What? Ouch! Ohh I forgot my left leg is in recovery, just a few fractures awhile ago, but it’s now time to ride again. As the fear and a tinge to remind me continued to persist I caught myself talking out loud. (I hope no one drives by and catches me).

“Teena, leg and Pinky you can do this…switch legs and slowly lift your left leg over…” 

I did it. Slow and methodically I planted my right leg and slowly lifted the left as if my entire scene were in slow motion. Then I centered myself and attempted to evenly distribute my weight. Breathe in and out, concentrate, feel how awesome it is to ride. (My mind races with encouraging thoughts ). 

Push with one foot, balance, keep talking, feel the motion, the excitement. A little wobbly at first a few stops that were terrifying!!! Why? Because I didn’t realize how much I utilized my left leg. But I kept focusing on the feeling while riding until….I did it! I pushed forward one pedal then the next until the rotation was smooth and the fear was gone. The wind swiftly messed up my hair, my leg felt whole and my emotions were freeing. Yes, some fear creeped in at times, but it was a short lived emotion! 

I am so happy. I am celebrating each accomplishment. Each step I take, bicycle ride I experience, adventure I embark on; they are all a part of my experience and I am grateful to experience them all. I am grateful to live, feel, love and embrace life. I am grateful for you. Yes, you are a blessing for reading my post and I hope you find how you are a blessing to others. I also hope you find happiness. Thank you for reading. God Bless!

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Time is Moving Swiftly

As I sit in the doctor’s office with Nicholas I begin to reflect over the past nineteen years. The day I found out a new Drake was on its way, the moment we found out a Y chromosome would be added to the mix. Our beautiful girls were estatic. Next was the crazy trip of crying, screaming and racing to the hospital. Then Prince Charming Nicholas Ryan Drake blessed the world, especially our world, with his presence. He entered on a quiet calm manner as if to say, “You can relax I am here for the ride!”

Who knew in a short time we would be waiting to see his xrays on May 16th, 2017 eleven days before graduation. Why? Because of his skateboarding expertise. However, his report was terrific. He has healed completely, praise the Lord. 

Doctors appointments completed I can check that off my list. Today…pick up last pictures for scrap book, Nicholas completes Pre-Cal packet/final and then from here on out we prepare for May 27th. 

Where did the little boy go who danced in front of the television, told us stories about dragons and lava walls. How many hours have I pushed him on a swing only to hear push me higher mommy! Heres to pushing you higher son! I would do it all over again each day/moment. 

I laugh when I think of how much peanut butter you have consumed in your lifetime. Or how when the preacher was too long winded and you would take out your toy finger guns and create sound effects such as pew pew pew which was your way of communicating, “It’s time to shut up preacher man. 

My memories are amazing. The times when the girls wold dress you up and you always played along. Days of the go cart, fancy batterized cars, motorcycles, bicycles and of course now Grettle (Honda Civic he wanted since he was 14), vacations, friends and fun times. 

Best advice I can give…is have fun. There will be struggles in life, but if your end result is to have fun, enrich your life with joyful events, people places and activities that bring you joy and any kind of struggle will be merely a speck in your lifetime. Life is amazing and I am thankful for you being a part of mine. You have brought me and many others laughter, peace, tranquility and a love that surpasses all. I love you Nicholas Ryan Drake and am looking forward to what you choose to do each day. 

Love, Mommy

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Accident or Law of Attraction? What do you think?


 Since my accident on December the 8 2016 I have pondered greatly, written a tremendous amount, Prayed more than ever and learned more from all of the above than I could have ever imagined! 

I doubt I will share everything at this time, but I would like to share a little. My hope is I help a great deal of people the majority of the time.

Before December 2016, I had come to a place in my life where I was sad, confused, happy, contemplating, hot then cold basically I was beginning the stages of menopause. I quit my job, wrote a book, wrote on ten other books, walked a great deal and prayed a little.

My son was now a senior. Although I had everything I was feeling that sense of sadness and what am I doing with my life. My hormones were out of whack it was a minute of turmoil. Next I literally sat like a zombie from December 8th until March 1st. I was in limbo. 

One day I began researching the law of attraction, hypnosis (which I studied under a great hypnotist Joe Stotts in 1990), and Louise Hay: You Can Heal Your Life a book about the meaning behind your injury or illness. 

What happened next was and still is absolutely phenomenal!!! I figured it all out, okay maybe not everything, but enough for me now. Life is….

What?? Yes life is what you say it is. At that moment when I was lying on the ground with my eyes beaming into a drainage ditch, I had a choice. A choice to live, have fun, take chances, laugh until my cheecks hurt, help when I am needed, begin to use my gifts from God, be grateful, love and let go.

So why would I bring a broken leg into my reality? Well of course I didn’t intentionally bring it in, but the aftermath has almost illuminated, where I was before  to show me where I was headed or what, I should say, is what I was attracting. My vocabulary was I am sad, ugh I am mad, I am bored this is sad, the list continues on because that’s all I talked about. 

I know sometimes it’s difficult to see but even Isaac Newton said every action will have an equal and opposite reaction. Same goes with what you focus on you bring it on.  Then I read the portion of Louise Hayes You Can Heal your life.

It said broken leg lower extremity fear of stepping out into life and fear of moving forward. The symptoms of menopause where the feeling of not being needed. Wow!!! Okay those two were pretty serious.

Therefore, I began the process of healing! I read the affirmations the book provided, began meditating, segmenting, and enjoying life more each day. I may have had some minor aches and pains, but those were reminders!!!!! 

What can you learn from all of this?? Live! Actively live your life, look for the good, find your joy and peace. Leave your judgements at the dump because we are all on our own path! Allow others to experience their own emotions and if people, places or things irritate you ask for heavens help and leave them there. But honestly if you continue the process of visualizing, segmenting, speaking out loud what you want and forgetting what you don’t want or have,

 very little will irritate you. I am having a GREAT journey. I wake up daily anticipating what new and wonderful things the universe has in store for me. I have great moments all the time. I see everything  a great deal clearer! 

So while your here in this physical experience create your utopia and live it. If someone says you live life with rose colored glasses… (like I hear all the time) smile and say Thank You!!! Because I will take my vision with rose colored glasses over the storms and turmoil any day!! Biggest message for today is have fun at whatever you do!!!!!!