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Could It Be? That Easy?

As I reflect back on our 4th of July Holiday I question the real meaning of life. Could it be the celebration of Independence Day is to be surrounded by people you love and that love you?

It seems so simple, to be with loved ones creates the happiest feeling of all! Whether it is one, twenty, or twenty thousand it doesn’t matter. The laughter, food, hugs, games, and feel good vibrations. Even if you have a bump in the frequency to bring you down for a minute it’s right back up. 

I am unsure if I should say,  ‘Meaning of Life’ or should I! Because as I reflect on the past July 4th Holidays I can remember it didn’t matter who I was with each year we laughed, played games, soaked up the sun and they have all been terrific!!! 

For many years we spent an entire week celebrating the Regatta. Running from event to event, pageants, food, boat races ect. Last year we were in Mexico and I didn’t think it could ever get better than that! However, this year was just as fun!!! Playing on the river, swimming until we were burnt up, roasting marshmallows, learning to play corn hole, grilling out you name it if it was FUN we did it!! 

I guess the best way for me to sum it up is Independence Day is a day of celebration of life. If you are fortunate to be with all of your family or you live away and surround yourself with friends. It’s about celebration, having fun, and laughter until you pee your pants!!! 😂😂😂 that my friends is the meaning of life!!! 

Have Fun!

LiveLovePink!! Never forget God Loves You No Matter What!!!!

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