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I Hope For You…

I never wish anyone harm, but I do wish for everyone to have the time to discover themselves.

As I sneak in a day, similar to my vast amount of days, where I did absolutely nothing. You see I had never taken the time to discover me. Not that I am complaining, but the life I have now is so freaking amazing and it is all due to my accident. Which pretty much put me in park for 8 solid months and forced me to find me.

I still veer off the path, feel the resistance, but now that I understand how to feel through my decisions, it creates a magical emotion.

I realize life can throw you some curve balls! Sometimes they curve by you and it is considered a strike. (Can you tell I am picking up the Royals Fan Bug?) Next, the curve ball hits you and with a punch! Might even take your wind and you drop to the ground. Don’t you get back up? Of course, however, hang on, life gears up and throws a fast ball with a twist…BAM, SMACK, HIT!!! You did it you hit it out of the park.

Isn’t this the way life is? You have some close calls, some drop you to your knees and yet if you keep getting back up, you will achieve what you desire.

Life is meant to live, love, learn and have fun!!!! Find the fun in your life. If you don’t have any, go buy some cards and create it!

God Bless You!!!


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