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When a plan comes together…

As a plan comes together, remember to allow all the emotions. My business plan is unfolding, as if a veil has been lifted and each step I take flowers grow, as I lift my foot. It is a fantastic feeling of love, amazement, charasmatic and sweet freedom!

If all of this is super amazing and is in perfect timing, then why do I become so overwhelmed? I have asked this question over and over. I have asked, have allowed and I am receiving.

My answer is always in a question form, isn’t this fun, exuberant, thrilling, ecstatic and so on? And yes everytime, I step back and ask the question, and receive that answer, I first think NOOOOOO it is not! My chest hurts, I feel swollen, attempting to sleep is a mute point. However, when I stop and breathe/meditate whatever you want to call it, the answer is clear, as the beautiful clear river, on a cool crisp Autumn day. Yes this journey or plan is fun, adventurous, exuberant, breath taking and much more.

I have now decided the overwhelming emotions might be the same, but just a different perspective. Therefore, when a plan comes together or your business/dreams form, as a puzzle mysterically putting itself together, watch in awe. Let it flow and if it doesn’t flow, while you are doing something, don’t resist just flow around it!

Think of a rushing wall of water. The more power it has behind its rush, the less resistance it has. Does the water have any resistance? Yes, but if it has cohesively bound its water molecules together, it feels very little of the resistance. The same goes for us.

We do not have to continuously know how a plan is coming together or how we are to accomplish, what we desire to accomplish. But we do need to know what our desires are. Then our next step is to enjoy all the fun twist and turns as we feel good along the journey.

For example: I had wrote about providing soap, bath bombs ect. On our Livelove store for you to purchase and enjoy. Then my friend/partner Debbie mentioned this new soap factory in Bedford Ky. and offered to have me write about them!

The Twilight Zone theme played in my head and I stood in amazement of these two families and their business adventure. Not only that, I was pretty sure I had found my soap!

My entire week has been like this. Blessings upon blessings. Fun adventures, a great deal of love and laughter.

Have I had any resistance this week? I wish I could say no, buttttttt in reality that’s not possible, However, it was all short lived. I practiced my new found tools to jump back on track, everytime! Sometimes, I told my son in a frantic frustrated voice, “I am frustrated, basically I am pissed off and I am trying to figure out why, it’s not you it’s just little irritating things.”

We would get a good laugh out of that, when my five minutes were over.

Just remember to enjoy the journey! Set the goals and forget it! If you want to be sitting on a balcony, looking over the ocean in five or less years, set the goal and begin to tell people about it. Describe it in as much full form as you want. Enjoy the vision. Until a How question creeps in, then stop the conversation and come back to it later. If the how question, comes up from, someone else, attempt to refrain from having that same conversation, with that person. (I promise you will do yourself a favor.)

The journey will begin as soon as you know where you are going. You see you wouldn’t go on vacation and not have a final destination in mind. Even if you just took off driving, you have a set final destination. However, if you never put the car in drive you will continue to stay in park.

I know I have ended a great deal of blogs with this next paragraph, but someone needs to read it.

If you are struggling right now, with anything in your life…look up, hold on, this too will pass!




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