Hello, welcome to my blog! I am Teena Drake mother of four, married to my best friend, a writer, educator, blogger, vlogger, business owner, motivator, friend and much more. I have worn so many hats in my short lifetime that most people do not believe me when I tell them. I have went from business owner to a motivational clown entertainer entitled Physical Fit Flower the Clown, to birthday messages from Raggedy Ann, to public educator, coach and Leader in Me facilitator @ Trimble County Middle School.

I am the proud author of a parenting sex education book entitled: Let’s Talk About Sex Baby. Which is available on Amazon, Kindle or email me I will send you one.

However, now I am combining everything I have learned over the years, adding new knowledge to what I have learned (critical thinking 8th graders, remember) and following my dream to be a successful motivational speaker, educator, and author.blr

In 2016, I had a wonderful accident! I crushed my left lower portion of my leg, stepping off of curb thinking it was a small distance. Turned out to be a drainage basin and was quite the step off. I hope you will continue to read this…I call this a wonderful accident because it changed my life forever and for the better. I know a lot of people have had a broken leg, but for me, I had what I call a death experience. I do not say near death because I have quite some time I can not account for, laying in the ditch. As I lay there, I remember a voice saying, “Are you ready?” I quickly responded, “NO, I am having too much fun!”

That was it! You could call it a projectile type of zooming into my body which was freezing cold and now had a crushed leg. I had no pain, until then. What happened next was remarkable. I do not expect you to understand, but my life changed and I do not ever want to go back. I have always had a great life! However, now it is the life to live! I live to feel good! If I get off track or begin to worry, cry, think about the past or feel negative, I immediately begin to search for a better feeling. Maybe from my paradigm (past experiences) or by doing something I love to do. It doesn’t matter how or what I do, I just change it as soon as possible. I live to be happy, have fun and enjoy everyone and everything around me! Therefore, you can see why I might say I had a wonderful accident.

My goals in life are to live in a happy state (the majority of the time) and to help others find their own happiness. Sometimes, I feel like it isn’t going fast enough, but truly everything is perfect timing! I have recently joined a Toastmasters club to tweak and improve my speaking skills. I am writing a ‘Be Happy’ seminar that we plan to launch our first one no later than October 2017! I have a terrific team working with me. If you are in need of some inspirational writings, then follow me. My belief is: life is meant to live in a happy, fun, magnificent state! So come on, let’s start living!!!!!

Follow me: SnapChat–Teena Drake, Twitter–Livelovepinkologist, Facebook–Teena Drake, Instagram–Live_Love_Pinkologist@Teena Drake

Email me anytime–Teena.drake@gmail.com


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