Hello, I am Teena Drake: Life (Happy) Coach, Professional Motivational (Happy) Speaker, Owner of Livelove LLC a company who has one sole purpose/vision/mission…to teach you…How to find your own happiness! 

Here at Livelove, we believe that regardless of your circumstances, we can help you find what brings you bliss, happiness, joy and fun, fun, fun!

I have combined everything I have learned over the years, adding new knowledge to what I have learned (critical thinking 8th graders, remember) and am following my dream (and promise) to be a successful Life (happy) coach, Professional Motivational Speaker, Educator, and Author.

In 2016, I crushed my left lower portion of my leg, stepping off of curb thinking it was a small distance. Turned out to be a drainage basin and it was quite the step off.

I entitle this a ‘wonderful’ accident because it changed my life forever and for the better. I know many people have had a broken leg, but for me, I had what I call a death yet life-changing, experience. While laying in the ditch I remember it being calm, comfortable and peaceful. As I lay there, I remember a voice saying, “Are you ready?”

I quickly responded, “Ready for what?”

“Are you ready to give up? Are you ready to go?” The voice was sweet, yet loud enough for me to understand. There was no need for any further explanation it was understood that I was being allowed to decide to stay or go!

I remember feeling as though I was yelling but not in a negative way, “NO, I am having too much fun!” Yes, at that moment of stay or go, trivial as it may seem, my thoughts were no, no, no, I am having fun don’t stop it now!

That was it! You could call it a projectile type of zooming into my body which was freezing cold and now had a crushed leg. During my time of lying on the ground, I didn’t have fear, worries or pain. What happened next was remarkable.

My life changed for the BETTER! I have always had a great life! However, now it is the life to live! I live to feel good!

During my healing process, I made a promise to God! I promised to share my messages with whoever had the desire to live a WONDERFUL life! I promised to write, coach, speak and help all those who needed a little ‘pick me up’ in LIFE.

If I get off track or begin to worry, cry, think about the past or feel negative, I immediately begin to search for a better feeling. Maybe from my paradigm (past experiences) or by doing something I love to do. It doesn’t matter how or what I do, I just change it as soon as possible. I live to be happy, have fun and enjoy everyone and everything around me!

My goals in life are to live in a happy state (the majority of the time) and to help others find their own happiness. I have a terrific team working with me. If you are in need of some inspirational writings, then follow me.

Or maybe you need some ‘one on one’ time with a person, who shares your same beliefs and is willing to assist you back on your feet. If so Livelove LLC is the place for you! Livelove.teena@gmail.com/home.

My belief is: life is meant to live in a happy, fun, magnificent state! So come on, let’s start living!!!!!

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