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Do you realize how many times you kill your own Genie?

Go back to my previous post, If I could give you anything…Anything! What would you ask for? Because this posting is part two of the story about a Genie in the Bottle and your wishes.

Remember when I wrote let’s leave the bottle for the bottom feeders? That’s because your Genie doesn’t have to go into the bottle, but you do need to learn how to recognize your Genie. I can’t tell you how many times I have coached people and they say, “I don’t think I have a Genie.”

And I reply with, “Yes, you do! In fact you have limitless Genies, but you need to first stop killing them so you can begin allowing them to grant your wishes.

Let’s begin small…(phrases that you use)…I don’t understand how you can say I have a Genie or several when I have all these bills. I work all the time and yet I never have enough to make ends meet. If I could win the Lottery or if you could give me a loan then I would be ‘better’.

If a Genie says, “Your wish is my command…”

And nothing else! (Pause! Take a deep breath for the next paragraph)…

1. You killed your Genie in the very beginning with not believing. (See any comparisons religious leaders? If you don’t believe and you go around being miserable, then why would you expect others to follow your beliefs or teachings or even Savior? Keep in mind this applies to all aspects of our lives).

2. Bills! Bills! Bills! Your wish is my command…it doesn’t say you can wish them away, but even if it did you didn’t do that. Instead, you killed the Genie, then you ‘kind of’ revived it, to ask for more of? Well, the only thing you could focus on which results in receiving as a wish, was lack of money and money to pay bills! And of course you also asked for less time and for your ‘ends’ to never meet! Whatever that means!

Enough is enough! Let’s correct that phrase and then begin to redirect all of our other wishes as we, carry on.

Try this: I have always been protected since the day I was born. Call it a Genie or a higher power, I know it’s real because there have been too many times I could have given up.

My wish is to feel better. To earn more because I am being compensated for how awesome I am. (If you don’t believe you are awesome then correct the image in the mirror until you are awesome to you. Meaning you are what you say you are…and I say you have an awesome you in there, it’s up to you to find it!).

If only I had a wish…I wish for__________. Fill in your blank. But remember to not tell of what is or has been. Only allow yourself to wish. And I promise if you will continue to wish for what you want, stop killing your Genie by not believing, and believe in the creation of you…Your Wish will Appear like a Bright, Shining, Gold Ring! Enjoy this day. Enjoy this wish…

My wish for you is to feel good. If you are suffering at this time my wish for you is to feel better! You deserve to feel better! You deserve to be better! You deserve to…



Carry On

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Sending you Great Laughter, Happiness, & Granted Wishes.


Written & Copyrights by: Teena Drake

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An Article I wrote about my MOM

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Taking Care of Business Charlene Kelley

          The owner/operator of (Mo) Money is not a stranger to hard work, helping others and working on an extremely tight budget. However, this lady is on a mission and has found that although working for yourself, may take more hours per week, the payoff is well worth your effort. Charlene Kelley has finally become free of the everyday, punch a clock, hum drum of an hourly J.O.B. Instead, she works from her beautiful river home, working with other affiliates in a relaxing atmosphere.

Charlene had a wonderful career for thirty nine years as a Registered Nurse. Her titles have ranged from director of nursing at a multitude of facilities to leader of tuberculosis control, throughout the state of Kentucky. She has assisted in writing Bills in state government and reorganizing companies to bring them up to JACO standards. She was commissioned a Kentucky Colonel by Governor Martha Layne Collins September 1986. Every employee has been sad when she moved on to the next level of her career. She has also been a gigantic help to her family. She has cared for her father, mother, brother, sister, daughter, grandchildren and countless others throughout the years. “I have taken care of people all over the state of Kentucky,” Charlene explained.

“I want to help people have the tools to enhance their lives, achieve their dreams and encourage them to never give up!”

After working for so many years Kelley decided it was time for a change. She was unsure what it was going to be, but in 2011 her mother fell ill and the everyday demands of nursing was not conducive for her, any longer. She knew one thing for sure, her mother was now taking precedent over hourly wages. Plus the scheduling for twenty four hour care kept her extremely busy and there were not enough hours in the day. Next her aunt’s health was failing and she was losing the majority of her hard earned money, through an investment company. Although it wasn’t much, it was enough to pay for her care. “I began to research ways to secure her finances, in hopes I could provide the best care possible when needed. I studied investors which included Warren Buffett, Michael Masterson and Bill Gates, to name a few. All I came up with was forest land and GOLD!”

The search was on! Finally, her prayers were answered. Dr. Dennis Steigerwald introduced her to Karatbars International, a worldwide movement into the new economy with Gold as the international money. Steigerwald was a former world renowned Chiropractor and became disabled due to a horrible automobile accident. He was financially destroyed. Now he is purchasing a home on Shelter Island in New York. Once he discovered the financial possibilities he contacted Charlene and explained, “I have an opportunity for you to own your own business and work from home.”

Shortly after, Charlene became an affiliate and opened (Mo) Money, which is an e-commerce company. She earns money and acquires gold. Her new business allows time for travel, spending time with family, and when needed caregiving for her loved ones. Kelley no longer looks at the hours as a pay check. “My new international business allows me to earn money, plan for the future, meet people from all over the world, and enjoy the one thing we cannot purchase, which is time.”

“While others are retiring at my age I have started a new and exciting career. It is like having a new lease on life. I want to live well, laugh often and love much until I die.”

Throughout this thrilling ride of life Charlene has continually studied dementia and the complication that accompany the aging process. One fact that she has discovered, to help people with this process, is to stay engaged. Whether it be join a group, open your own business or take classes. Kelley says, “I believe that everyone needs something to keep them engaged and continue self-developing. If you are green you are growing, if you are ripe you’re rotten.”

“I can earn as much money as I desire now. Instead of adding up the hours and calculating my pay check, I now decide how much effort I want to put in, to determine how much I want to earn. My new business allows me to continue to help others dream their dreams,” Kelley stated.

Charlene Kelley is one of the kindest, most caring, understanding and knowledgable people I know. She cares about the well-being of her family and friends. Although she has changed careers from health care to entrepreneur/business owner, her motives are still to help others live a life filled with love and wealth. Each decision she makes is based on how this can help someone else. Thank you Ms. Kelley for making the world a brighter place and bringing sunshine with you wherever you go!

For more information contact Charlene: (502) 268-3997

Or Follow her:        Facebook @Charlene Kelley

Twitter @Charlene_Kelley

Written by: Teena Drake