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K.I.S.S. Life

Keep, it, simple, silly! What? Yes, keep your life simple.

At this very moment I deleted an entire blog posting, explaining K.I.S.S. and how important it is. Then I realized you don’t have time to read all my lengthy explainations! Therefore…I am going to show you how to K.I.S.S. you life!

Scenario: You are experiencing sadness, a loss, a focus on what is. Basically, life to you, at this moment FEELS UGH! Whatever the circumstances are, you just can’t quit thinking about all the crud, going on right at this time.

Change your thoughts! 

Thank you, We are done here! 

Okay, I am joking. I realize how difficult life can seem, at times. I also realize it doesn’t work to continuously think about the ‘it’ you are concerned about.

(Definition of the IT- lover, kids, step-children, ex-partner, cars, jobs. In adult worlds the three hot topics are MONEY, WEIGHT or Body appearance, and LOVE.  A Kid’s world is similar, but they seem to change their perspective, much quicker)

How then do we fight this feeling of depression, sadness and/or Ughness?

Try this:

Without doing anything else…

Right at this moment…

Think of TEN of the silliest words, nonrelated to your It, and be as crazy and random as you want! Have FUN!!!!!

Let’s try this together…

You begin to tell me all your ‘stuff’ or how frustrated, sad, irritated, lonely, depressed, broke, unhappy or however else you feel.

Bubble Butt, pink poop, grasshopper slime, slurpy, hairy balloons (hahahah you thought I would say b_lls), frolicking, freaky, green burps, blurple!

Example: You as of this moment, “I cried all night because he said… (I am abruptly intterupting, hypothetically)

Pink Poop!” (Pause) You giggle…

You, “I just can’t believe someone would do this to me…”

Bubble Butt

Come on you are LAUGHING! Admit it!

Go ahead… Read or say the list out loud. Yes, out loud! Yes, while discussing all your crud or your IT! Do IT.

After you have stopped laughing. Do you feel better? Did your problem go away? NO, but it will. Because we know, “This too shall pass.”

It may seem to simple, but if you were to truly step back and analyze your life from this age and back, do you remember the difficult times? Of course you do. Do you remember feeling like you would NEVER GET THROUGH THIS? Of course you do! But you did!

You made it, You aren’t sure how, but you DID IT. Now reflect back…did worrying, crying and feeling UGH for a long period of time assist you in any way? Of course it didn’t. It only caused you more harm and you probably became sick, if you prolonged the worrying!

I realize LIFE can be tough at times. However, I have learned the more you K.I.S.S It the much easier, even the tough times, can be!

You are LOVED!



Carry On

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Both of my granddogs are featured here to remind us to enjoy the simple pleasures of life…Mmmmmm sure does smell good!


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I Did It!! Success Never Felt So Good! 

I did it! It seemed so small until I was standing face to face with Ms. Pinky. Although the dust had settled on her rims and her front tire was a little low she stood proud, waiting to be rode. 

I waddled out slowly feeling every step fearful of the next terrain, I may face in the backyard. Taking several extra steps to avoid any ‘Princeton’ holes he has created lately. I unlock the garage door and there she stood. As I approached Ms. Pinky she almost seemed to stretch up a little taller as to say, “Shew, I am glad to see you! I thought you had forgotten me. I was pretty sure I was correct, when March came and went and you didn’t even swipe your fingers across my back, in mourning that we weren’t riding.”

I assured her we were safe as I wobbled, while pushing her out the door. Finally! We are in the sunshine! 

Then I began to swing my right leg over and pedal like never before. What? Ouch! Ohh I forgot my left leg is in recovery, just a few fractures awhile ago, but it’s now time to ride again. As the fear and a tinge to remind me continued to persist I caught myself talking out loud. (I hope no one drives by and catches me).

“Teena, leg and Pinky you can do this…switch legs and slowly lift your left leg over…” 

I did it. Slow and methodically I planted my right leg and slowly lifted the left as if my entire scene were in slow motion. Then I centered myself and attempted to evenly distribute my weight. Breathe in and out, concentrate, feel how awesome it is to ride. (My mind races with encouraging thoughts ). 

Push with one foot, balance, keep talking, feel the motion, the excitement. A little wobbly at first a few stops that were terrifying!!! Why? Because I didn’t realize how much I utilized my left leg. But I kept focusing on the feeling while riding until….I did it! I pushed forward one pedal then the next until the rotation was smooth and the fear was gone. The wind swiftly messed up my hair, my leg felt whole and my emotions were freeing. Yes, some fear creeped in at times, but it was a short lived emotion! 

I am so happy. I am celebrating each accomplishment. Each step I take, bicycle ride I experience, adventure I embark on; they are all a part of my experience and I am grateful to experience them all. I am grateful to live, feel, love and embrace life. I am grateful for you. Yes, you are a blessing for reading my post and I hope you find how you are a blessing to others. I also hope you find happiness. Thank you for reading. God Bless!